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Sorry you missed the Cyber Monday offer- but you can still get 2 months Free when you sign up for an annual plan!

Want access to the Largest Library of Automated Marketing Strategies for Dental Care Professionals?

Join My Patient C.A.R.E System to unlock the secret of ready-to-launch marketing! Learn about our automated software and done-for-you content made just for dentists!

Sign up to MPCS annual plan for 3 months of FREE marketing!

My Patient C.A.R.E System is the ONLY Marketing Tool You Need!

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I love SYNDUIT...they create excellent presentations and marketing posts.  Just last night I setup 8 events including 2 Live Webinars, 2 Make and Take Events and 4 classes in just under an hour.  I could never have done that without SYNDUIT's great marketing content.  Thanks Jared for your vision.  Happy to be part of the tribe.

-Wayne Leiss

C.A.R.E is powered by SYNDUIT's state-of-the-art automated software. When paired with our done-for-you marketing content, C.A.R.E is the ONLY marketing tool dental care professionals will EVER need!

My Patient CA.R.E System gives you access to:

Unlimited Email Marketing

Integrated Texting


Social Media Scheduling

Event Registration

Print and Digital Files

Scheduling Software

Customizable Content

Full Marketing Campaigns

and so much more!

Historically, business owners have only had two options when it comes to effectively building an online presence:

1) Hire a marketing agency (cost-prohibitive)

2) Sign up for multiple software products to push out content that you make yourself (time-prohibitive)

Now, you have a third option!

See for yourself how My Patient CA.R.E System works.

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I began a journey as a Health Entrepreneur about 9 months ago. It was something I was called to do, and I have a deep, deep passion for loving other people well + for wellness! I was feeling a bit overwhelmed getting all the things I wanted to do, done! Then, my friend told me of Synduit. The aid, resource, and tool this has been for me and my business has been a wonder! But the gift it has been for my network and the people I am walking with, teaching, empowering, and loving has been OUTSTANDING!! Thank you for following your dream SYNDUIT!

-Corrie Boyle

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Stop Overpaying For Marketing

It’s common for small businesses to spend upwards of $20,000 a year for outsourced marketing. However, as we both know, very few small businesses owners have access to that kind of cash!

My Patient CA.R.E System is not only an affordable option for lawn care professionals, it was created specifically with dentist care clients in mind. That means ALL of the marketing strategies and content is tailored to your unique business needs

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Synduit has freed up SO much of my time to do productive things! I feel that having to create things from scratch - newsletters, classes, communications, etc.-  is such a time eater, and also a business killer. This, coming from one who was a graphic designer for 25 years. I know what's involved in getting all that together! I also know you can be one or the other in this biz, but not both a graphic designer and a successful builder. I appreciate all Synduit does for me, so I can focus on my business, my true passion.

-Tracy Callow


Launch Future Marketing

C.A.R.E’s automated software is already populated with pre-written, pre-designed marketing strategies that will help you grow your business, host events, lead webinars, and build your personal brand.


You can easily personalize our content by adding YOUR name, YOUR brand, and YOUR logo.

If you’re ready to see how My Patient Care System works, sign up for a discounted rate for a limited time!

Sign up for My Patient C.A.R.E System Today! 

Unlock 3 months of free marketing when you sign up by Dec 2nd!

MPCS also gives you access to*:

Unlimited Email Marketing

Integrated Texting**


Social Media Scheduling

Event Registration

Print and Digital Files

* Available features and assets vary based on campaign type and plan

** Integrated Texting is available only in the US, CANADA, and UK

Annual Option

$97 $81/month
billed annually

Get 2 months FREE compared to MPCS monthly plan!

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Email Marketing System
Integrated Text Messaging
Social Media Scheduling
Event Registration
Webinar Registration
Opt-In Landing Pages
Email and Texting Sequences
Contact Management System
Complete Analytics
Print Resources
Powerpoint Presentations

and so much more!

Will Save You Upwards Of 500 Hours A Year!


But The Coolest Part Is All Of The Content -
Millions Of Dollars Of Content!

Our team of creative geniuses crowdsources strategies and ideas from people in your industry in order to build proven, professional, and fun marketing strategies that will position you as an expert!


This includes prewritten emails, social media posts, PowerPoint presentations with scripts, lead pages, event registration, done-for-you Facebook classes, monthly newsletters, complete print resources including posters, flyers, and save the date cards all of the graphic design and so much more.

The average My Patient C.A.R.E System user saves between 10-40 hours each month thanks to plug and play content that is easily branded and custom to you in seconds.

You will literally be able to build and implement an annual marketing plan in under 60 minutes when you implement ALM in your business!

Plus, you can always create your own content EASILY to spread your mission and message.

Sign Up Now And Save Now!

You only have until Dec 2nd to lock in your savings. 

A Full Library Of Proven And Done-For-You Marketing Strategies Which Includes:

Email Marketing                          Autoresponders
Social Media Scheduling            Print and Digital Files
Event Registration                      Presentations and Scripts
Leadpages                                   Analytics
Text Messaging                           And So Much More!

Monthly Option

billed monthly

Annual Option

$97 $81/month
billed annually

Get 2 months FREE compared to MPCS monthly plan!

EVERYTHING You Need To Market Your Practice In Less Time, With Less Frustration, With Greater Results!

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