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Build A 365-Day Content Marketing Plan For Your Private Dental Practice While Saving Time And Money!

From social media to emails, text messages, landing pages, and more, My Patient C.A.R.E. System covers all your content needs.


Our Done-For-Dental-Professionals Content Makes Marketing Your Practice Easier Than Ever! We put C.A.R.E. (Client Acquisition, Retention, Engagement) front and center, so you don’t have to.

Curated Content

Building a digital marketing plan has never been easier! Instead of spending your time researching content ideas, writing, designing, and scheduling posts, My Patient C.A.R.E. System streamlines the process for you. Our fully automated software provides comes preloaded with a wide range of inspirational and educational content your patients will love.

  • Promote Your Practice

  • Grow Your Business

  • Increase Brand Awareness

  • Stay Top of Mind

  • Generate New Leads

Educational Newsletters, Emails, and Texts

Help your patients and followers stay informed with data-driven email and text communications on various topics, including Periodontal Disease, Pediatric Dentistry, the Importance of Oral Health, and so much more. All you have to do is import your contact lists, select the content you want to share, and our automated software will do the rest.

  • Establish Your Oral Health Expertise

  • Save Time and Money on Marketing

  • Create Personalize Messages

  • Build Your Email And Texting List With Value-Based Educational Offers

  • Never Miss an Opportunity With Autoresponders

Events and Webinars

Flex your knowledge and expertise as a dental professional by engaging with your clients and community in real time with in-person workshops or fully scripted virtual webinars. Automate the marketing for your events with done-for-you email invites, social media announcements, text reminders, print resources, event registration, and more. Hosting educational workshops and webinars have never been easier!

  • Generate Local Buzz With Regular Events

  • Fully Scripted and Designed Presentations

  • Create a Powerful Network Within Your Community

  • Build a Library of Video Content With Recorded Webinars

  • Market In-Person Events

Promotional Campaigns

Promote select service offerings, such as free new patient exams, to build strong community relationships. Foster a sense of belonging among patients by hosting patient appreciation experiences. My Patient C.A.R.E. System is filled with fun, festive, and creative ideas and strategies your practice can deploy in just minutes.

  • Market Specical Services

  • Promote Your Practice

  • Launch Content in Minutes

  • Host an Appreciation Event

  • Foster Community Relationships

Referral Marketing

Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to generate new business. Use our referral marketing campaigns to build awareness of your brand, generate leads, and invite existing patients to share their experiences with your practice. Our proven, simple, and automated referral marketing strategies can be deployed in minutes.

  • Automated Emails, Texts, Social, and Print Resources to Build Awareness

  • Fun and Creative Ways to Generate Referrals

  • Motivation for Your Patients to Pay it Forward, Increasing Overall Engagement

  • Increase New Patient Engagement

  • Frictionless Referral Requests

Online Oral Health Challenges

Online oral health challenges are the perfect way to create a sense of community within your practice while challenging each member to participate in 7, 14, or even 30-day virtual challenges. This specialized campaign format allows you to educate participants while holding them accountable and is a proven way of increasing client retention and referrals.

  • Challenges are Fully Automated 

  • Increase Patient Engagement

  • Fun and Playful way to Bring Awareness to Oral Health Concerns

  • Built-in Registration Landing Pages

  • Host Challenges via Email or a Private Facebook Group

Social Media Engagement

Social media marketing takes time, strategy, and creativity. My Patient C.A.R.E. System offers a library of professionally written and designed social media posts so your practice can stay consistent with your posting, spread awareness for your brand, and increase follower engagement. You can schedule a full year of social media content right from your Dashboard.

  • Be Consistent With Social Media Posting

  • Increase Engagement on Social Channels

  • Share Inspirational and Educational Content

  • Ready to Launch Posts

  • Fully Customizable to fit Your Brand

Print Assets And Presentations

Digital marketing is important, but don’t neglect tried and true print education, which is an essential marketing tool. When you launch a campaign, you’ll have access to a library of posters, save-the-date cards, press releases, PowerPoint presentations, scripts, and any other resources you might need to deliver in person.

  • Professionally Designed Assets

  • Research-Based Scripts

  • Sharable Print Materials

  • Opportunities to Gain Local Media Press

  • Overlooked Marketing Tools


“I am just so impressed with My Patient Care System and beyond excited about this partnership. Perio Protect Marketing is going to make such a difference in the world and I can’t wait for 1,000’s of dental practices to benefit.”


Tanya Dunlap, PhD Managing Director, Perio Protect, LLC


“Since using My Patient Care System, the entire team is presenting more treatment. We’ve seen a 226% increase in treatment accepted compared to last year!”


Lifetime Dental Care


“My teammates are really loving it. The New Patient Onboarding campaign is streamlining important processes in our practice. We include a link to al New Patient Paperwork that is delivered via email so that our patients are able to come to the office prepared. Plus, the educational videos are wonderful because they lay a foundation for what our office stands for.”


Jackie Lifetime DentalCare


“We've been educating our patients all year through Patient Education Masterclasses.  We decided to educate patients on periodontal disease specifically to grow our hygiene department.  We deployed 2 campaigns, educational email series, on Periodontal Disease and Learn how to treat Periodontal Disease with Perio Trays. In 6 weeks, 12 trays were accepted by patients! 8 of those 12 trays were accepted in the 3 weeks with these campaigns!”


Foley Dental

Our Mission

My Patient C.A.R.E. System merges easy-to-use automation software with professionally written and designed marketing strategies to aid in Client Acquisition, Retention, and Engagement. Our unique approach to C.A.R.E. aims to simplify marketing for busy dental professionals.

My Patient C.A.R.E. System Proudly Collaborates With The Following

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